When I watch cetaceans

I opt for an outing supervised by a trained professional

If I want to go on a marine mammal watching trip, I must choose to go on board with a professional marine mammal watching operator trained by the Agoa Sanctuary.

The regulations require that professional operators receive training in marine mammal watching from the Agoa Sanctuary. This training, as well as the signing of the Agoa charter, are indispensable prerequisites required by the competent authorities (the marine directorates) for the exercise of professional whale watching. Only these professionals have the regulatory authorisation to approach animals up to 100 metres away. Untrained people cannot approach within 300 metres of the animals.

This way, you can be sure to be onboard with a person who has all the keys in hand to help you discover marine mammals without disturbing them.

If I observe on my own

I respect the regulations that prohibit approaching marine mammals within 300 metres on the water, underwater and also above the water.

Whether swimming, using a small vessel such as a kayak or paddleboard, in a motorboat, and also with a drone, snorkelling or scuba diving, I am not allowed to approach marine mammals within 300 metres.

If they come to me :

  • I don't seek interaction
  • I don't touch them with my hands or with an object like my paddles
  • I don't get into the water if I'm on a boat
  • I don't feed them
  • I avoid noise disturbance by turning off the music and staying quiet
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