In action

Developping the knowledge of marine mammals

The Agoa Sanctuary carries out actions to better understand marine mammals and their habitats in order to better protect them while promoting harmonious cohabitation between human activities and animals.

As for all marine protected areas, the Agoa Sanctuary must be able to evaluate its actions and the management measures taken. It must precisely define its routine monitoring system. This is a long-term task carried out in a concerted manner with experts and local stakeholders (non-profit organizations and scientists). Knowledge acquisition programs have been deployed on the perimeter of the Agoa Sanctuary since 2008.

International projects

Marine mammals are not constrained to human borders. Their habitats and migration routes cross different countries and territories of the Caribbean, which must work together to ensure the preservation of these species.
Through international cooperation projects, the Agoa Sanctuary participate in the preservation of cetaceans beyond its own perimeter.


crédit photo du bandeau : Olivier Nicolas/Marine Nationale/Armées