CAMAC recognised at the COP SPAW

On 3 and 4 October 2023, in Aruba, an important meeting was held within the Greater Caribbean Region: the SPAW COP. The SPAW RAC, a partner in the CAMAC project, was present.

The SPAW COP is the biennial conference of the signatory states of the SPAW (Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife) protocol. At this conference, the representatives of the countries meeting adopt an action plan for the next 2 years. They also observe the recommendations made by the STAC (Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee), the scientific council of the SPAW COP.

The STAC is composed of experts recognised for their scientific and technical skills, grouped into thematic working groups. At the 10th meeting of the STAC in early 2023, these experts made recommendations to the COP, particularly concerning the CAMAC project.

At the beginning of October, the Contracting Parties adopted these recommendations. Consequently, SPAW COP12 :

  1. acknowledge the involvement of the SPAW-RAC in the CAMAC project (UNEP(DEPI)/CAR WG.43/INF.36), which promotes the implementation of the SPAW programme and the achievement of the SPAW objectives.
  2. encourage the SPAW-RAC to include interested Contracting Parties to the extent possible and identify opportunities for CAMAC to support such interested Contracting Parties in achieving SPAW objectives, including those outlined in the Update of the Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Mammals in the Wider Caribbean Region.

The Contracting Parties to the SPAW Protocol thus recognise that the actions carried out through the CAMAC project contribute to achieving the objectives of the SPAW Protocol and that they can directly benefit the Countries in their efforts to achieve these objectives.

The adoption of these recommendations constitutes strong support and recognition of the work of all CAMAC partners and strongly encourages us to continue what was initiated during phase 1 during this year 2023.

Consult the recommendations in the report of the 10th STAC meeting here :

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